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Natural anodized

The treatment are consists of anodized in the formation of an oxide film, of varying thickness, by electrochemical means, on the surface of aluminum, which is then sealed properly to prevent rust in a natural way.


It is an electrolytic process by which originates a protective layer of aluminum oxide (Al2O3), on the surface of the same. Not all aluminum is suitable for anodizing.


Manual process performed by professionals with extensive experience in the sector.
We have equipment to certify the requested thicknesses.


Union with solid metal base.
Action protective face corrosion.
Action decorative.
Action electrical insulator.
Lack of toxicity.
Capacity coloring and impregnation.
Resistance to abrasion.
Maintenance is virtually zero and any neutral soap can be used to clean.


To achieve different decorative finishes, we make processes as pre-anodized:
· Mechanical polishing so bright, glossy, frosted.
· Blasting, shot peening


Thickness can vary depending on the value end of the piece: 5, 10, 15 y 20 µm.

These thicknesses according to the client requests the value of each piece.

The acquired microns, dependent on the aluminum alloy and the applied process.

In our facilities we can anodize up to 20-25 µ.


A small sample of the work we do in our company, do not hesitate to contact without obligation.